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Unlock Flower Wisdom to Show you the Way

Are you trying to create change, but coming up against obstacles?

I can relate as this was my story.

A few years ago, I wished for a different reality & realised the status quo could not continue. I had lost my sense of independence, was frustrated, fearful, worried & anxious.

My wish was to experience fulfillment in my work & have my own business where I could express myself creatively. I yearned for more ease in my daily life, harmony, money & independence.

So, I went about finding solutions & started to do the inner healing by ~

⭐ shifting my fearful thoughts & re-framing

⭐ journaling

⭐ writing lists of gratitude

⭐ imagining waking up with no backache

⭐ acts of kindness as & when I could

⭐ clearing away clutter in my home

Yet, my home had been on the market for over a year & I was reliant on the proceeds from the sale of my home, to clear debt & provide some financial relief.

And then, a wonderful opportunity came my way. It had been my wish to participate in this program & in an Akashic Records session, I experienced a healing of my chronic backache.

My life changed completely. I no longer take chronic medication for rheumatoid arthritis, nor do I require physiotherapy. For over 20 years, I would go to physiotherapy regularly. I sold my home & re-located to live close to the sea.

I knew with all my heart & soul that I wanted to learn the same mode of healing that facilitated my breakthrough, so I could help others like me. So, I underwent extensive training & became certified.

This is possible for you too, as you let go of the intensity around previous experiences. This mode of healing helps to clear from your chakras’ & aura, so you make space for new experiences, opportunities & synchronicities.


This offer is a resourceful healing tool that can accelerate your breakthrough from obstacles & suffering, so you experience harmony, ease & magical moments.

Unlock Flower Wisdom to access ~

⭐ Magical Infusions from Fairies & Flowers

  • 🌸 34 cards
  • 🌸 booklet
  • 🌸 tuck box
  • 🌸 gold shimmery handmade bag (limited supply of 100)
  • 🌸 courier charges

⭐ 7x meditation audios’ to re-align, themes below ~

  • 🌸 Stars: release resistance & reach for your dreams
  • 🌸 Inspiration with the Butterflies: journey into a castle
  • 🌸 Dragonflies: lighting path ahead
  • 🌸 Breakthrough: re-set so no more suffering
  • 🌸 Winds of Change: clear away fear from aura
  • 🌸 Trees in the Forest: journey into forest & feel supported
  • 🌸 Healing tool for your Emotions: release intensity


  • 🌸 Re-alignment ~ Personalised & unique to support you: I will channel through a flower card, a 30 minute ‘re-alignment’ infusion & send you link to download audio

⭐ access to audio’s in the membership portal
⭐ membership in a private Facebook group

The flower cards can show you the way, by supporting & guiding you in making decisions. You can become more aware of intuitive messages & will deepen your intuition as you continue to work with the cards.

As you listen & re-listen to the audio infusion’s, this resource can bring about ~

  • 🌸 an acceleration of your breakthrough
  • 🌸 alignment & balance
  • 🌸 inner healing as you let go of ‘your story’
  • 🌸 inspiration
  • 🌸 harmony
  • 🌸 clearing of others’ energies from your space
  • 🌸 support from the Universe

Do you wish to transform with more ease & experience harmony & magical moments? If this resonates & is nudging at your heart strings, then this offer can support you. Unlock flower wisdom to show you the way.

Launch special for 24 hours ~ $199, thereafter $234


Secure online payment via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive delivery of flower card deck?

Allow for 7 days once you have placed order, for item to be packaged & sent out for delivery. And then, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

When will I get access to membership portal?

Once payment has gone through, you will receive an email so you can set up a log-in

How effective is group healing?

The group healing infusions are very effective. My healing came about in a group setting. I set the intention beforehand for those who are called to listen to these sessions. So, whenever you listen, it will be just as effective.

I am not familiar with this mode of healing?

That is okay. I too did not know about chakras’ etc. up until a few years ago. Your body will receive the healing it needs, there is no need to know the how. You can re-listen to the infusions too, as you will go deeper into the experience.

You may be wondering as to guaranteed results?

All of you are unique & individual. I cannot guarantee what you may experience, as this depends on so many factors. You may not be willing, to let go of your story & thought patterns. However, if you resonate with me & are open to energy healing & trying something new, then this could be for you. The audio, ‘At a Glance’ is an example of a session. The 7 infusion’s in the membership portal are all around 30 minutes. I do believe if you listen to the meditations & re-listen, you can experience harmony & ease.

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  1. Igeshni

    I really enjoyed and appreciate this session. I lovd this session. It was an amazing experience, just like all your other sessions. Healing from your inside out. Beautiful experience.

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