Healing Sessions

Healing from your Inside, Out

with Caroline Johnstone

Transformational Healing

A few years ago, I longed for a different reality. I realised I had the power & will to create a new reality & I was doing everything possible to transition. I was so aware of my thought patterns & I learned to shift my thoughts away from fear & what-if scenarios. I was visualising desired outcomes, I cleared away clutter in my home to make space for new. I journaled & yes, I had lots of aha’s in writing down my thoughts. I was always on the lookout for signs from the Universe too.

Yet life for me was so uncomfortable. I realised my situation was temporary, but I could not understand why there were so many obstacles.

And then I experienced a healing in my body during an Akashic Records group healing session. The theme for that session was ‘Transformation.’ The achy feeling in my back subsided & all of a sudden shifts started to take place & they were good shifts. Opportunities & synchronicities started to appear & a new reality started to unfold for me.

I made those bold moves to relocate to a coastal town & to leave the city I had lived in for 30 years. I underwent significant training so I too could facilitate healing sessions, the very same healing mode that was so significant for me.

I created a new reality in a beautiful setting. I am so happy & fulfilled & I have new wishes & dreams I am reaching for.

This is so very possible for you too. I can help you transition with more ease!

I, together with my healing guides access the Akashic Records of your body. All you need to do is sit quietly with your eyes closed to receive the healing.

You too can heal yourself from Your Inside, Out when you let go of whatever is preventing you from living your life with freedom, independence, courage, happiness & more ease. It could be for example, resentment, anger or frustration.

I work with nature & the elementals during these healing sessions.

Join me on-line via Zoom. I host a group session once a week. Audio links will be sent to you after each session, so you can tune in when convenient for you.

My wish for you is that you too can experience more fulfilment, peace, tranquility & ease in your life. As you let go of the old, you make way for new opportunities, experiences & synchronicities.

10 Minute Sample Session

by Caroline Johnstone

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I encourage you to plant a seed for new growth & possibilities in your life.

So, plant that seed & say yes to working with me.

I will help you let go of whatever it may be that is worrying you, so you can create new space within your body, mind & soul for synchronicity, blessings & opportunities.

I offer two convenient and secure online payment options: PayPal or PayFast

Join me in this cocoon for “Transformation with more Ease”

  • 12 group healing sessions held once a week for 12 weeks
  • 3x one-on-one personalised healing sessions
  • Magical Infusions from Fairies & Flowers oracle card deck



  • Includes shipping charges
  • Installment options available
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