Re-align with your intentions as you turn over a new leaf

Flower energy & their messages guide the activations.

with Caroline Johnstone

Transformational Healing

Are you ~

  • ⭐ wishing to turn over a new leaf
  • ⭐ frustrated with your dilemma
  • ⭐feeling unsupported by those close to you
  • ⭐feeling overwhelmed
  • ⭐finding so many obstacles appear

Have you wondered how it will feel for your intentions to manifest into reality?

I can relate as that was my story! Yet now I tell a new story…

I experienced a breakthrough in a healing from my chronic backache. I no longer think about how I can get pain relief now. Instead, I wake up in a beautiful forest setting with sea views & my first thoughts are, ‘wow, look at this beautiful setting.’

It was due to an energy healing session in 2018, that completely changed my life.

I am Caroline Johnstone, a Transformational Healer

Before my healing, I experienced so many obstacles in trying to move forward into a new reality. I wrote out lists of gratitude, practiced acts of kindness, imagined waking up pain free, journaled, followed signs from the universe & cleared away clutter. My home had been on the market for over a year. Despite dropping the price, there was not much interest. Yet, it was during an Akashic healing session that I experienced my breakthrough & obstacles started to fall away.

What I experienced after my healing ~

  • ⭐ feel lighter
  • ⭐ stand up straighter
  • ⭐ wake up earlier
  • ⭐ smile at strangers when our eyes meet
  • ⭐ no longer think about my sore back & pain relief
  • ⭐ empowered
  • ⭐ not as fearful
  • ⭐ no longer in victim mode
  • ⭐ in awe of my healing
  • ⭐ calmer
  • ⭐ happier
  • ⭐ don’t spread fear
  • ⭐ if I feel a niggle I work out the association
  • ⭐ no chronic medication
  • ⭐ no regular physiotherapy
  • ⭐ clear my energy regularly
  • ⭐ go deeper into meditation

Introducing my offer, ‘Turn over a New Leaf.’

I can help you re-align with your intentions as you release any resistance & trapped emotions, to find a better balance so you can experience harmony & less discomfort.

This healing package will help you ~

  • ⭐ identify any emotions
  • ⭐ release any resistance
  • ⭐ find a better balance
  • ⭐ experience more ease in your body
  • ⭐ accelerate your healing process
  • ⭐ release background noise so you get to create a new playground
  • ⭐ create a ripple effect when those around you notice the difference in you & they will be so delighted & inspired too. They will no longer worry about you & then you will then be the bright light for others to follow.

This offer is for you if you are ~

  • ⭐ tired of suffering
  • ⭐ open to energy healing
  • ⭐ willing to heal from your inside, out
  • ⭐ needing support
  • ⭐ willing to address the underlying issue

So, let me help you breakthrough. This mode of healing is gentle, natural, powerful & non-invasive.

Are you ready to re-align with your intentions & dreams with the help of the flowers, their messages & energy activations?

Join us now

I offer two convenient and secure online payment options: PayPal or PayFast

Sign up now & “Turn over a New Leaf”

  • personal re-alignment session with me 1:1
  • 30 minute follow-up call
  • 30 minute audio, ’emotional healing tool’



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