Repeating Life Pattern & how to Overcome

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Notice the ripples & patterns in the sand created by the wind & little indentations left by crabs, making their mark.

As I walked further along the beach, where it is a little quieter, I spot the crabs.  However, as soon as I approach, they disappear into a hole.  They are so fast!

I use this analogy to interpret these observations in your everyday life & overcome a repeating life pattern.

Here are three ways ~

  • ‘make your mark’ by making an impact in the best possible way
  • create a ripple effect ~ it could be an act of kindness that impacts the recipient & makes their day
  • repeating life pattern ~ you maybe finding yourself in a similar situation & when you recognise this, you can make the change.  You may have already been very aware of not wanting to experience the repeating life pattern, yet it happened again.  Likely it is extremely uncomfortable, the situation in which you find yourself.

It can be that you are trying to navigate your way out of a repeating life pattern & an uncomfortable situation.  The recent eclipses have highlighted this repetitive pattern.

Let me give you an example ~

*Boundaries ~ it can be that you are overstepping boundaries without being aware.  Say, you decide to get involved with something.  You think you are helping, it is what love to do & are good at.  Yet you had not asked permission.  It then leads to drama from the other person, as it can be seen as interfering.

How can you prevent these painful experiences from happening again?

In this scenario, become very aware when you find yourself about to take a decision to become involved.  And then, ask permission first.

*Another scenario ~ previous pattern you tried to avoid

It can be that you previously identified a repeating pattern.  You thought you were trying everything for it not to occur again.  Yet it has.

What can you do to change the outcome?

It could be that you were so fearful of it happening again, that you were focusing too much on the ‘fear’ rather than the ‘belief’ that you can overcome it.

So, now ~

  • Be very mindful of your fearful thoughts.  Notice them & re-frame them. 
  • Stay in the present moment & not in the past & do not focus on what previously happened. 
  • Nor should your fearful thoughts drift into the future as in, ‘oh my goodness, what is going to happen to me.’

We find ourselves in interesting times.  Whilst we maybe challenged, there is lots of light frequencies coming in to assist us & changes can be accelerated.

So, visualise what you would rather create, or write it down in your daily outrageous ideas list.

And then be open to shifts in direction.  It may not be how you thought it would happen.  There could be a much easier & even better way.

Energy healing can help to release the intensity & to clear away the charge around the repeating life patterns.

And then you overcome the obstacle & experience harmony & relief ie. no more drama, stress nor discomfort around this repeating life pattern.

If you would like to explore this opportunity of energy healing further, please reach out to me.

Sending you lots of love & courageous action.


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