Unlock Flower Wisdom to Show you the Way

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I am going to share 3 ways in which you can ‘Unlock Flower Wisdom to Show you the Way’ ~

1. Support & Messages

Flowers are a wonderful way to convey a message, such as ~

  • in times of sadness, illness & loss.
  • celebrations of birthdays, milestones & successes.

Flowers are exquisite & there are so many wonderful varieties.  Most importantly, they lift your spirits & make you smile.  Some flowers have a fragrance & if you inhale their fragrance, it delights you too.

However, you may not realise, in those moments as you gaze at flowers in awe & wonder, it is alleviating your stress & angst, even if for a few moments.

Vases of flowers in your home are wonderful too.  They lift the energy in your environment to a higher frequency as they help to clear any intensity in your environment.

Walking in nature & finding flowers scattered here & there, also catches your eye & draws you into their wisdom. 

Here are some examples of flower messages ~

  • Cosmos.  These flowers amaze me as they grow so easily.  The message from them is, ‘you can be independent too.’
  • Hyacinths.  Two years ago, I suddenly had an idea to source them.  I had no idea if it was the right time of year for them to flower as they are a bulb.  I ventured out & as soon as I walked into the nursery, there they were, on the counter.  I chose three.  All of these bulbs each produced two stems of flowers.  ‘It is beyond your expectations’ is the message from the hyacinths & that was my reward.

2. Let Go of the Old, to make Space for New

A rose bush is pruned & cut back annually, so it produces more shoots & roses. In autumn trees lose their leaves & when spring comes, new leaves appear.

These are only two examples, but the interpretation & message is, ‘let go of the old, so you too can make space for new.’

This same interpretation applies to this mode of energy healing that facilitated my breakthrough from obstacles.

Chakra’s are energy centres in your body & they store all those memories around past experiences.  When the intensity or the strong emotional charge around previous experiences is released, so you can tell a new story.

I would like to share some of my story, so you have a better understanding ~

A few years ago, I was suffering as there were so many obstacles.  Life was not easy.  I had given up my business & really had no idea what work I wanted to do next.  I was adamant that I did not want to go back to a corporate job & sit at a desk all day.  It made no sense to me, as my back would ache even more doing work I did not enjoy.  

I had Rheumatoid Arthritis & was on lots of chronic medication. 

My family could not understand my choices.  I was fearful & filled with worrisome thoughts & angst. 

I made the decision to list my home for sale as I no longer wanted to live there.  I reasoned, by selling my home, it would clear my debt & give me some breathing space.  However, my home was on the market for over a year, despite dropping the price.

So, that was my old story & when I relate it, memories around this difficult time in my life re-surface.

And now, the new story I tell is this one, as my face lights up ~

I realised something needed shifting & so I searched for help online.  I always loved spirituality & was eager to learn more. 

This is what I implemented ~

I worked consistently on shifting my fear-based thoughts, journaled, imagined waking up with no backache & wrote out lists of gratitude.  I looked out for signs from the Universe, all the time. 

Then, through beautiful synchronicity in an Akashic Records healing session, I experienced a breakthrough & healing from my chronic backache.  I never released it was my backache that was literally holding me back from living the life I dreamed of.

Only then, did my house sell & I made the decision to re-locate & live close to the sea.  I recall the day so vividly when I was driving home, having signed all the transfer documents for the sale of my home.  I had no idea where I would move.

So, I asked the universe for guidance as to which part of the coast in South Africa.  That same day, all the signs were revealed to me, in car registration number plates.  They revealed my birth date & Hibiscus Coast.  I googled as to where ‘Hibiscus Coast’ was!

I moved out of my home, placed my goods into storage & came on holiday for a few days to the Hibiscus Coast.  I was not familiar with this part of the coast, nor did I know anyone, but it felt so good to me & two weeks later, I relocated.

Fast forward a little, I have been living in this area for two years. 

My dream came true, to live close to the sea.  I ‘fit in’ here & every day, I am very appreciative of this setting.

I no longer take chronic medication, nor do I go to physiotherapy.   For 20 years I went to physiotherapy every 6 weeks.

The trajectory too changed for me in terms of fulfilling work.  I knew I needed to learn the same mode of healing that changed my life completely.  I enrolled in the certification training and became a healer.  This is the very same mode of healing that facilitated my breakthrough.

Now, I would really like to stress the following. 

When you share your story, you feel all the emotion & intensity around those previous experiences.  Even when you share an update, it could be filled with the same heavy energy. 

However, it is so important to release the intensity around those previous experiences & to find inner peace.  You can become very aware of your same thought patterns.  Instead of saying, ‘I will never forgive so & so for xyz.’  Can you feel the intensity & charge around that statement?  Think about gently re-phrasing it to, ‘I am trying to release the intensity & hurt, I feel around xyz.’

Maybe you are like me & feel pain in certain areas of your body.  My body is showing me which area I need to be aware of in my mind body connection. 

As an example, recently my feet have been sore.  So, I can say, ‘well that is rheumatoid arthritis.’  And yes, it is a flare up.  Yet, I also realise that something within me has triggered that response.  I then think about it literally & figuratively.  I have been taking tentative steps, feeling uncertain as to my next steps in my business.  So, I can shift that by going for walks barefoot along the beach, losing some weight so my feet do not have to carry so much weight. 

And then it is the inner healing too. 

I asked myself these questions ~

  • Am I moving forward in my business & in my dreams for what I am creating?
  • How can I bring more certainty into make bold moves & to stand my ground. 

I also do energy healing around my feet as I release the intensity around previous experiences, where I took the steps, & things did not materialise in the way I imagined.  So, releasing the resistance around the feeling, ‘oh well, you made those moves & look what happened.’  So, here I am trying another way.

Another example is my chronic backache.  I was feeling anxious, worried, burdened & unsupported.  As my thoughts were full of worry, my body felt that tension & let me know with pain signals.

“People cannot always give you what you think you need” 

Yet, you are always supported by the Universe & I will share more about that too.

Here is an exercise you can do ~

  • Write out ‘your story,’ as in, what is going on in your life right now that is causing you discomfort & distress. 
  • Take a deep breath, allocate this time for you to write out whatever comes up & keep on writing. 
  • Then, take a little break, maybe even go for a walk to shift the intensity you feel around the current story.
  • And then, this is the fun part.  Sit down, close your eyes, breathe deeply & imagine, a different way of feeling.  How do you want to feel? 
  • If the thoughts come up, ‘that is not for me, I can’t have that.’  Yes, you can, there is no need to limit yourself.  You can write it down too. 

I would write out a list of outrageous ideas every day.  One of those ideas was to holiday at the sea.  This is an example of how I was limiting myself. 

“I only thought I could holiday at the sea.  I did not believe it was possible for me to live at the sea.  Yet, that idea came into reality.  I now live at the sea.”

Open the pathway, for new & wonderful experiences to take place.

3.  Be open to Mystery & Wonder

In my garden there was a day lily.  Stems are produced with buds & when the bud splits open, the flower only blooms for one day.  Yes, only one day.  This plant produced many flowers & then I noticed  there was one bud left on this occasion.  When it flowered, the prospective purchasers of my home returned for a second viewing.  I knew they would buy my home.  And indeed, they did.

Flowers can help to increase your intuition, so you can interpret their messages for you.

So, be aware & notice flowers that appear to you.  Maybe they are associated with a memory, to bring comfort or it could be, they are revealing new messages for you.

Butterflies & bees flit around flowers as they pollinate. It is demonstrating to you to explore opportunities around you & to marvel at their beauty & fleeting glimpses.

I recall years ago, I graduated with a business degree.  A friend sent me flowers & they were delivered to me at my office.  My male colleagues were convinced the flowers were from an admirer.  Yet, there was no boyfriend on the scene.  They genuinely were from a friend acknowledging my success. 

Flowers create mystery & intrigue too.  Maybe you received flowers on Valentines Day from a secret admirer?

So, this is how you can unlock flower wisdom to show you the way.

As you transition out of density & your old story, that is when you shift into a lighter frequency & life becomes easier as then you are in alignment

Set the scene & imagine what you would like to create.  Explore opportunities.  Flaunt your uniqueness.

For a resourceful healing tool to offer you more support with group Akashic Records meditations & a flower card oracle deck ~

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