Back Pain & an Aha around Revealing the Emotional Connection

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Do you have back pain?  Once you have an aha around revealing the emotional connection to your back pain, your healing process starts to unfold as you become more aware of your mind & body connection.

Are you feeling unsupported or carrying a burden? 

Let us think about the word, ‘support’ …. Does it bring up warm & fuzzy feelings for you, for example a hug or a phone call from someone dear to you?

There was a day recently when I had back pain & I realised it was because I felt a burden.  I was uncertain as to what to do next with a specific issue, as it was not my area of expertise.  So, a few hours later, I reached out to an expert to get the advice & encouragement I needed.  Once I made a plan to reach out & ask for help, then the path ahead became clearer & my back pain eased.

But the opposite could be happening for you.  Maybe you feel unsupported & burdened …. maybe those close to you are not supportive of your choices.  They could be critical or fearful for you & unfortunately you could be absorbing all that fearful energy without realising.  Alternatively, you could feel burdened & overwhelmed & you feel you have too much to do.

I would like to point out to you though, that OTHERS MAY NOT ALWAYS GIVE YOU WHAT YOU THINK YOU NEED.  Let those words digest … it is a tough one to grasp.  There could be something else going on at that time in that person’s life & that is why they cannot support you with this specific issue.  Alternatively, there could be other reasons too that you may not even be aware of, such as boundaries.

What I do know from experience is that people could come suddenly appear, they could even be strangers or people you don’t know very well.  I am still deeply grateful for those people, whom I did not expect to help me, during a vulnerable time.  The universe will find you the support you need, in whatever form.

So, if you are feeling unsupported & have back pain, I suggest the following ~

  1. Take a long deep breath
  2. Identify ONE issue as there could be many issues worrying you
  3. Then, ask yourself if there is someone who can help you with this issue?  If no one comes to mind, ask the universe to help you find the support you need, but then you need to be on the lookout for the signs
  4. Hopefully that person or expert can help you, so you feel better & now you have a plan & the path ahead is clearer.

And you could even support someone by smiling at them. It could even be a stranger & your eyes meet, extend that into a smile.  Even if they are wearing a mask, you can watch their eyes light up or the wrinkles appear around their eyes so you know they are smiling! You see, this is a simple way to offer support.

So, maybe & quite by chance you have come across this blog post & are intrigued as this resonates for you. I am that resource & am here to support & you to make the process easier, if you have back pain & are open to energy healing as well as transformation. I facilitate healing sessions whilst using the very same technique, which facilitated my breakthrough in healing from chronic back pain & now my life is completely different. You can join here where you will glean valuable insight & so much more inspiration in ‘Breakthrough from Back Pain’ ~

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