Healing at the Sea in a Magical Forest Setting

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I now live in a magical forest setting with a sea view & I am healing at the sea. I still feel in awe & wonder at this manifestation, but yes, this is now my reality!

In January 2019, I was driving home, having signed all the documents relating to the sale of my home.  Transfer was anticipated sooner than expected & I really did not know where I would move.  All I knew, deep down was that I wanted to live close to the sea.  And on that short trip home, the universe revealed the signs to me, being Kwazulu-Natal. Later that day, a dear friend of mine gave me the missing puzzle piece as a sign appeared to her as she was texting me.  That sign was Hibiscus Coast.  I googled ‘Hibiscus Coast’ as I did not where it was.

And so my journey started & I did not know then that I would live a magical forest setting where I would be literally & figuratively healing at the sea.

I moved out of my home & placed all my goods in storage.  I came on holiday for a few days to the south coast of Kwazulu-Natal & it felt so right for me.  So, I left the big city in which I had lived for 30 years & ventured here, all on my own, with no friends or family in the area.  Yes, I was a little nervous, but I was excited for this new chapter & I found self-catering accommodation on a month-to-month basis. I underwent extensive training too, to learn something new, to become an energy healer & I became certified.

Fast forward to a year later, I found a home to rent in a beautiful setting with a sea view.  I really did not think it would take me so long to find another home.  Yet, now I understand why the other homes I had my eye on, did not materialise. And I fell in love too …. in my mum’s words, ‘thank God for that man!’ when he jump-started my car three times on the day I moved.

I now live within the Mpenjati Nature Reserve & fall sleep with the sound of the waves.  From my balcony, I view whales & dolphins leaping in the distance & watch the ships sail past.  And in my ‘forest garden’ setting, now & again I spot Duiker coming to drink from my water source in the early evening.  There are Bushbuck too & we stare at one another!  A crown eagle has appeared twice perched in a nearby tree. Every time, I glimpse a wildlife sighting, my heart skips a beat & all my awareness is brought to the moment.

Life was not easy for a few years.  Yet, oh my goodness has my reality shifted.  I am deeply grateful & so very appreciative to live in this magical setting & be healing at the sea.

I work from home, & support my clients, wherever they maybe in the world, whilst I facilitate online flower energy healing sessions.

This is indeed possible that you can create a new reality.  Is it a beach, forest, mountain, countryside or city setting for you?  And in the meantime, until your dream relocation materialises, visualise & imagine how you will feel in your dream environment.

Even if you are fearful if it is not the safest option, I invite you to explore further, beyond your comfort zone.  You never know where you could end up.

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