Resistance Showed Up for Me

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Mindset, Nature | 0 comments

I woke up early a few days ago & thought about going for a swim in the sea. It was hot, the sky was blue & there was no wind. Alas, I did not put that thought into action.

Yesterday morning, my weather forecast predicted 100% probability of rain. Yet there were clouds in the distance, but no rain was falling.

Then at 10h15 I suddenly decided I was going to swim in the sea. I drove to the closest beach, a few minutes away & when I parked my car, I glanced at my odometer & it was 111,111 kilometres. I love numerology & I smiled & realised it was perfect confirmation for my decision & how significant this sign was for me.

There was no one swimming when I wondered into the sea, but others soon followed & I stayed there for 30 minutes, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the warm water, ducking under the surf of the larger waves & jumping up to meet the tip of the waves before they broke into surf. It was glorious & magical & I felt refreshed & rejuvenated.

I recognised the resistance that showed up for me & realised I needed to do what I was wishing to do for days, & that was to have my first swim in the sea in 2020!

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