The absurdity of my hiking venture

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Mindset, Nature | 1 comment

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice.

I planned on being out in nature. However, I did not plan on hiking for three hours. I even applied eyeshadow before setting out on my trip & did not have hiking shoes on, nor a backpack.

I set out on my trip having a rough idea where I wanted to go. I pulled into a layby in the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve & chatted to a field ranger. The next thing I knew, I was setting off on a walking trail to Hoopoe Falls. The ranger assured me I would be safe on my own & I would not get lost.

I had a bottle of water & a bag slung over my shoulder & enjoyed the solitude & being out in nature. I scrambled over rocks, (not so elegantly) & giggled to myself in the moment.

However, it seemed as if I was the only one on the trail & there was no indication of how much further I had to venture. I thought I was nearing the falls as the air got chilly, but there was still more climbing up rocks. When I started to feel a little angst as to how much further I had to go, I looked at the time & decided that in 10 minutes I would call it quits. I did feel as though I would be disappointed & feel a little silly at not achieving what I set out to do.

And can you believe, 10 minutes later, I reached the falls after clambering down some more big rocks!

I allowed myself 10 minutes to enjoy the moment & marveled at the crystal clear water running off the rocks.

Now I realised it would take me another 90 minutes to return & sure enough it was. Three yellow butterflies fluttered in front of me, merely a few metres away from the end.

I am not fit, nor am I a hiker, but I am so proud of myself & yes, my legs are very stiff.

Feeling grateful for this experience & appreciative of the guide who ‘talked me into it.’

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