Manifesting Hyacinths

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I awoke a few mornings ago with ‘hyacinths’ in my thoughts. They are one of my favourite bulbs.

Usually, I buy unsprouted bulbs & grow them in water. I have an egg timer shaped glass vase. So, I rest the bulb on the glass & fill the vase with water until the very base of the bulb touches the water. Roots start to develop & by the way, get very long!

I set off to the closest nursery. They did not have hyacinths. But, when I pressed the assistant a little further as to where else I may find them, she suggested another nursery, not far away.

And can you believe ~ as I walked into the nursery, there were hyacinths on the counter.

I selected three & thought I had chosen two purple & one white. I paid for them & even before I left the cashier, I realised two of the bulbs had double blooms! I was even more surprised & impressed.

A week later, as the buds started to open, they revealed their colours, being purple, lilac & pale pink. And furthermore, all three of them have a double bloom! It’s the familiar, deep fragrance too that makes me love them even more.

Where can you create more magic in your life right now?

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