Popping out of the Whirlpool to follow my Heart’s Desire

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On 2nd March 2019 I started a new adventure … I embarked on a dream to live at the coast. The area I identified is Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Coast, South Africa. It was merely weeks ago that I made the decision to relocate to the coast. It feels good & I am very excited for new possibilities & potential.

Earlier today, I swam in the sea. This time the sea was calm & I did not get dunked. There were only a few of us on the beach. I am not taking any of this experience for granted. I have a deep appreciation for nature & it’s wondrous beauty AND I am inspired!

In the past few weeks, I have noted amazing synchronicities. On each occasion I was seated next to strangers, yet at the end of our discussions, we were no longer ‘strangers.’ When these individuals, (who were all so very different) asked, ‘what do you do?’ my judgmental thoughts were, ‘they’re not going to get this.’ Yet those very thoughts of mine were so very wrong. Each of them nodded vigorously & shared details of their own journeys. There were snippets of information I shared that they took away with them. I learned from them too. I reflected & realised there are people ready to hear my stories & wisdom.

I have shifted, I have changed & I am different. This has been a deeply humbling journey, but now that I have ‘popped out’ of the whirlpool there are many observations ~

I am happy

  • I am very aware of my surroundings & smile at those around me when our eyes meet
  • I am no longer fearful. Sure, the fear niggles a little now & again, except now I know how to shift it fast, back to an amenable state
  • I am grateful for what is working & for what is good
  • I am renewed & determined
  • I am pain free. Do you know I was going to physiotherapy every 6-8 weeks for my neck & back for the past 20 years? I recently went 5 months without a physiotherapy session.

Some have mentioned how courageous I am. Yet for me, I would require enormous courage to go on a rollercoaster & it still would not be a pleasant experience. It would be extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I am out of my comfort zone. I lived in Johannesburg for 30 years. I have left behind my parents, close friends & my favourite shops. I do not have family & friends where I have relocated to. Yet, I am following my heart’s desire & it’s important for me to live where I feel inspired, so I can create meaningful work.

I have yet to find a ‘long term rental’ as they refer to it here. It’s important for me to find a home wherein I will feel safe, at peace & inspired in order to create.

My family & friends check in on me with their frequent messages … I am not alone … there is a gorgeous Doberman where I am temporarily living & he checks in on me frequently with lots of slobbery licks & muddy paw prints. I am at peace!

So, what are my intentions in the work I am creating?

I am currently enrolled in a program called, ‘Global Healing Certification.’ About 6 months ago, I experienced a profound healing session. I knew it was significant when only a week later, my back pain eased up. Today, I continue to wake up pain-free & I am so grateful & appreciative. Some days doubt creeps in, as in, ‘really?’ But, I reframe those thoughts to, ‘yes, this is real & thank you.’ Pain is debilitating & it was all I could think about at the time ie. How can I get relief now?

We store energy blocks in our bodies, created by thoughts, beliefs & experiences. I believe this leads to disease. I want others to experience such a healing & transformation, just as I have. This training is via the same mentor who facilitated my healing session.

I am already offering healing sessions now & whilst I am a little overwhelmed at all the new knowledge being shared with me, I realise that by taking action daily, the overwhelm will start to fade!

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