Succulent Analogy

by | Oct 7, 2018 | Mindset, Nature | 0 comments

My previous tenant planted this succulent in my garden 2 years ago. When I moved back home in March 2018, this particular succulent was shooting up so quickly. There are 3 more succulents, but they did not experience a growth spurt like this one.

I marveled at it’s height. It was taller than my lemon tree, & I appreciated it was providing pollen for the bees. Ladybugs, aphids & snails made good use of it too.

It showed me too what is possible for all of us & we can defy the odds. Now, it’s time to let it go by cutting it back, thereby making room for new life & possibilities.

The analogy I take from this experience is the following ~ don’t wait for others to catch up, reach your highest potential & share your resources with others!

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