Bamboo Shoots

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Mindset, Nature | 0 comments

I had 6 bamboo shoots bound together with twine that I had purchased a few years ago. Whilst I made sure they always had water, I did not take much notice of them, nor pay them attention.

I had gifted my parents a single bamboo shoot a while back & marveled at how that one touched their ceiling. Well, my dad is an avid gardener, so I suppose the reason.

But recently I noticed that one of the shoots was turning brown.

So I decided to separate them & then I had the aha …

Well no wonder they are not thriving. Their roots are all clumped together & they obviously do not need to still be grouped.

I have now separated them & their roots can grow longer & stronger. The ‘brown’ one has likely died, so I  believe it sacrificed itself for the rest to flourish.

I am reflecting on what I am ‘clinging’ to & realize that I too can flourish on my own.

I now have 5 remaining bamboos & 5 in numerology signifies freedom & acceleration!

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