Petals Unfurling

with Caroline Johnstone
Transformational Healer

I can help you heal your sore back from your inside, out ….

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About Me

It was August 2018 & my life was not going according to plan & was very uncomfortable.

Through some beautiful synchronicities, I was able to participate in my mentor’s program. And it was during a group healing session that I experienced a healing & my life changed completely.

I suffered from migraines & rheumatoid arthritis, took lots of chronic medication & for over 20 years I went to physiotherapy every 6 weeks.

However, as a result of that specific healing, I am no longer reliant on regular physiotherapy & I no longer take chronic medication.

I am pain free & if I do experience a niggle in my body, I now know how to tune into my body & I shift & adjust in my daily life accordingly.

I recall saying to my mentor at the time I experienced the healing, that I was doing everything spiritual that I had been taught. I was shifting my thinking patterns, I was visualising the outcome, yet my home had been on the market for over a year.

I never realised it was my sore back, that was holding me back from creating a new reality!

Merely three months after my healing, my home was sold. I decided to relocate & live near the sea. By following the signs shown to me by the Universe, I re-located to Kwazulu-Natal South Coast, South Africa.

I enrolled in my mentor’s program, ‘Global Healing Certification’ & received extensive training. I can now host those very same group healing sessions …. Indeed, the very same group healing session in which life changed so significantly for me.

I access the Akashic Records of your body & I, together with my healing guides, clear away from your chakra’s & your aura, anything that is holding you back from achieving your dream.

I love to use flower & fairy energy as well as my vivid imagination, to facilitate these sessions in which I, together with my healing guides, access the records of your body during meditation, so you let go of the intensity around previous situations. And then I bring in the support from the universe as guided & you can visualise the best possible outcome.

Transformation is close to my heart, as I have made bold moves to go for my heart’s desire & I am happier, healthier, relaxed & doing work that lights me up & fulfils me.

Caroline Johnstone

Accredited Global Healer – Gold Level (View Certificate)


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Caroline is extremely good at what she does … I have been a participant in many of her sessions & every single session resonated with me in some way. After each session I felt relaxed & rejuvenated.

Kiru Govender ~ November 2019

Caroline is a talented & highly intuitive & it’s always a pleasure to be part of her healing sessions. Many blessings to you Caroline as other experience shifts with your healing. My sessions have been profound. Blessings to all …

Nilan Pillay ~ November 2019

Caroline Johnstone is a talented healer. I have had the pleasure of doing many group and personal sessions with Caroline and I have opened my network to her realizing that she has done so much selfless work to uplift and heal many. The group healing sessions have always been what somebody in the group needed. I was so thrilled with this mode of guided meditation and healing that I requested my immediate family including my husband and teenagers and my youngest son join a session. The feedback all round was positively relaxing. They felt so rejuvenated as if they had slept days. I often lead group meditation sessions myself and understand the energy required to do this working remotely – yet I have personally witnessed Caroline grow from strength to strength. Hers are sessions worth paying for. Well done on qualifying as a globally certified healer Caroline – you have all the talent it takes!

Videshni Singh ~ November 2019

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